WAMVentures serves primarily women & diverse business leaders seeking to move their businesses up-market & reach higher levels of excellence.  High impact leaders & next-generation entrepreneurs are welcome!


WAMVentures is a catalyst for business development that targets & partners with promising companies & leaders. We help you “color outside the lines”

As a business advisory firm, WAMVentures provides business development, capital raising guidance & strategic partnership services. For next-generation entrepreneurs, WAMVentures focuses on go-to-market strategies, launch guidance, advisory board development and meaningful access to decision-makers & influential partners.

WAMVentures assists business leaders to focus on their core skills & better manage their time & financial resources to achieve long-term growth.

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Founder's Message

Veronica Guzman encourages anyone who has a vision to:

  • act upon it

  • recruit talented people

  • find partners who want to help you succeed

  • engage influencers who will spread your vision and

  • execute well by scaling

Be fearless and responsible and you will be rewarded exponentially!

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WAMVentures is the trade name of WAMVentures Group, LLC


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